Jack Vormittag

"Engineering Nightmare"

One 4' N-trak module w/ "T" yard

Two 2' N-trak Modules

My name is "Jack" John Vormittag I am originally from Flushing, Queens, New York. I have been in Virginia since 1973 and have been in Lynchburg since 1979. I worked for Xerox and retired in 2000.

I like to model the Santa Fe Railroad around the early 1960s with some steam but mostly diesel units.

The module that I currently have for use with the club we call the "Engineering Nightmare" because it has two turnouts that go under the Mountain Division and terminate in a yard that is inside the layout. This allows us to setup trains inside the display tracks without having to get in front of the display. Also I have turnouts between all the main lines so we can switch trains form one line to another. Currently I am working on two 2'X2' modules that can be used together as a standard module or can be used at each end of my module or can be used independently as needed.

Module . . . Module . . . Module and Yard . . . Yard behind module