Lowell Walters

Waltersville, Pennsylvania

A Small N-scale Community

Welcome to my layout!

My model railroading experience starts a good sixty years before I was born when my grandfather, Eli Walters, found employment with the Pennsylvania Railroad in Altoona, PA. According to family oral history, when my grandfather was just a kid, he carried drinking water to the men who maintained the secondary Muleshoe line which roughly followed the topography of the Allegheny Portage Railroad of the early nineteenth century Pennsylvania Canal System.


During his 44 years of service, my grandfather apparently held a number of different appointments, including a long stint in the Altoona Car Shops. One of his final assignments was to assist in the construction of the yard for the Samuel Rey shops in Holidaysburg, PA. I have several uncles and cousins who have either retired from or continue to work in the Juniata or Sam Rey (now closed) shops. One cousin is an engineer for Norfolk Southern and has run the grade of the Horseshoe Curve countless times.