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Member Name Member Type Railroad
Tim Hammack President
Southern PacificCotton BeltUnion Pacific
Chuck Sims Vice President
No Info
Peter Schumann Treasurer
Southern PacificUnion Pacific
Mike "Mickey" Lugar Secteary
AmtrakChessieC & OCXS
David Copson Associate
No Info
John Czarny Associate
No Info
Mark Day Inactive
Norfolk Southern
Joe Faller Inactive
CXSChessieNorfolk Southern
Robb Fisher Associate
Norfolk & Western
Charles Johnson
In Memory
Aug. 4, 1945
June 20, 2006
PRRNew York Central
Rodney Laughon Regular
Rio Grande
Spencer Powell Regular
No Info
Michele Sims Assoicate
No Info
Joe Shaw Associate
Norfolk Southern
Christopher Thompson Associate
No Info
Dave Thompson Associate
No Info
Jack Vormittag Regular
Santa Fe
Lowell Walters Inactive
Ian Whaley Regular
No Info
Chris Wiley Regular
C & O