Tim Hammack

One 4' N-trak Corner & One 4' N-trak straight Module

"Flossies Orchard" & "Ice House"

Growing up in Southern California I had 3 choices of Railroads Santa Fe, Union Pacific or Southern Pacific. For some reason the Daylight colors, especially on the GS series of steam locomotives caught my attention and I have modeled Southern Pacific ever since.

"Flossies Orchard" (4' corner) is named for my Great Aunt who had an apple orchard in Tehachapi, CA. Her apples were picked up by the Southern Pacific in PFE Refers. Hence the "Ice House" (4' straight), although their was no ice house in the Tehachapi area modelers license allows the inclusion of an associated industry in the same general area. "Flossies Orchard" is completed, well as completed as any scene will be as I will always be making refinements. "Ice House" is still under construction, the module is operational on the 3 main lines but the mountain line will have a scratch built trestle so that will take some time.